Start your speech and presentation training
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Leave your fears behind and master the art of public speaking.
The VR Speech Trainer helps people optimize their communication and presentation skills.

With your purchase you get access to:

Trainer Platform

  • Create and manage your own presentations
  • Create and share sessions
  • Comprehensive AI-supported analyses and recommendations
  • Export function for reports
  • Customised statistics


  • Access to the “Presenting and Visualising” course
  • A high-quality course at university level
  • Access to video and text tutorials

VR App

  • Full version of the “VR Speech Trainer” app from straightlabs
  • Access to all training environments
  • No subscription / no contract commitment / no in-app purchases
  • GDPR-compliant data management
  • Available on


Multi-user utilisation
Account management system
Voucher system for frequently changing users

Choose the package.
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Supported VR headsets

The VR Speech Trainer is supported on the following platforms:

Logo HTC Vive
Logo Meta Quest
Logo Pico
Logo Sidequest

Information. and support.

Icon Nach dem Kauf. Nutzen Sie den VR Speech Trainer ganz einfach mit den Anweisungen auf unserer Plattform. Icon After purchase. Simply use the VR Speech Trainer with the instructions on our platform.

After purchase

Using the VR Speech Trainer is intuitive and straightforward. Simply follow the instructions provided on our platform at and begin your training.

Icon Viel Erfolg. Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Erfolg bei Ihrem Präsentationstraining. Icon Good luck. We wish you every success with your presentation training.

Good success!

By acquiring the VR Speech Trainer, you have initiated the first step towards your personal success. Congratulations!

If you have any questions or comments, we would be delighted to assist you.

Icon Support und FAQ. Wir helfen Ihnen auch nach ihrem Kauf bei Fragen zum VR Speech Trainer. Icon Support and FAQ. We will also help you with questions about the VR Speech Trainer after your purchase.

Support and FAQ

If you require assistance, we highly recommend visiting our FAQ section, where you will find crucial information to help you get started. If you encounter any technical difficulties, please don't hesitate to utilize our contact form.

Glossary. Because knowledge is key.

A subscription is an abbreviation for subscription and refers to an agreement between a customer and a provider in which the customer pays periodically for access to certain products or services. Typically, subscriptions are offered for digital content such as streaming music, streaming video, magazines or software. A subscription usually gives the customer ongoing access to the desired content or services.

A VR (virtual reality) headset is a special type of headset used to enable virtual reality experiences. It is a device that has glasses or a similar display and provides the user with an immersive visual experience in a virtual environment. VR headsets are often used in conjunction with appropriate hardware and software to enjoy games, simulations, movies, and other VR content.

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions and refers to a compilation of questions and answers about a particular topic. A FAQ list serves the purpose of addressing frequently asked questions from users or customers in advance and providing them with relevant information. It enables quick and easy orientation and offers support for common concerns.

A platform refers to a digital infrastructure or service that enables users to share, consume, or interact with content. It typically offers a centralized hub where users can register, upload content, communicate with others, and access a range of services or features. Social networks, video streaming services, and the VR Speech Trainer platform are examples of such platforms.

A license is a legal agreement that grants an individual or company the rights to acquire or use specific intellectual property, such as software, music, images, or text. When obtaining a license, the licensee is granted permission to use the protected material, subject to certain conditions, while the licensor maintains control over its use. Licenses may include various restrictions or conditions, such as the duration of use, the number of users, or the permitted purposes of use.

Pico is a company that offers VR headsets for various applications. Their products are known for their compactness and ease of use. Pico headsets are often used in entertainment, education and professional applications.

Meta (formerly Facebook) is a company that develops advanced VR headsets. Their devices feature innovative technologies such as eye tracking and gesture control. Meta-headsets are known for their high immersion and are often used in areas such as gaming, design and research.

Vive is a brand from HTC, which is known for its high-quality VR headsets and accessories. The Vive product line offers a wide range of virtual reality experiences, including gaming, entertainment and professional applications. The Vive headsets stand out for their precision, tracking capabilities, and comfort.

SideQuest is a platform that allows VR enthusiasts to discover, download, and manage content for various VR headsets. It is an independent platform developed by the VR community that offers a variety of games, apps, and extensions for VR headsets. SideQuest allows developers to make their content easily accessible, including content that may not be available in the official store of the respective VR platform. Users can use SideQuest to discover and download additional content for their VR experiences.

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