Train your communication skills in virtual reality presentation training

The VR Speech Trainer is the ultimate solution to overcoming fear of public speaking and enhancing your presentation skills. This cutting-edge virtual reality tool* offers safe environment, for refining your public speaking skills.

Developed. From professionals for professionals.

Icon Gamification. Der Gamification Aspekt des VR Speech Trainers macht Lernen leicht. Icon Gamification. The gamification aspect of the VR Speech Trainer makes learning easy.


Experience an innovative learning environment that uses gamified elements and interactive features to make training fun and exciting.*.

Icon Wissenschaftlich fundiert. Unterstreicht, dass das Präsentationstraining des VR Speech Trainers auf wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen basiert. Icon Scientifically based. Underlines that the presentation training of the VR Speech Trainer is based on scientific findings.

Scientifically based

In collaboration with the Technical University of Munich, we conducted a research project that established the scientific basis for the VR Speech Trainer. All research results were presented to international experts through a double-blind peer review process.

Icon Internationaler Markt. Das Präsentationstraining des VR Speech Trainers wird in verschiedenen Sprachen angeboten. Icon International Market. The VR Speech Trainer presentation training is offered in different languages.


The VR Speech Trainer was developed as a virtual reality application for the international speaker and lecture market, with a multilingual approach. Currently, it supports the languages German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

All-clear. No more stage fright.

Icon Virtual Reality. Unterstreicht die Immersion des Präsentationstrainings mit dem VR Speech Trainer. Icon Virtual Reality. Emphasises the immersion of presentation training with the VR Speech Trainer.

Virtual Reality

Embark on a journey into the realm of virtual reality*, where our AI speech coach awaits to revolutionize your communication and presentation training. The VR Speech Trainer offers you a controlled atmosphere for improving public speaking skills with confidence.

Our Mission

We help you present more persuasively, ensuring that you get your message across effectively— no matter where you are or what you are presenting.*

Features. Made for you.

Icon Plug & Play. Man kann einfach mit dem VR Speech Trainer loslegen. Icon Plug & Play. You can simply get started with the VR Speech Trainer.

Plug & Play

The plug-and-play approach allows you to use virtual reality technologies without extensive setup and focuses on training your presentation skills. Experience an accessible and user-friendly solution.

Icon Leicht bedienbar. Der VR Speech Trainer ist einfach zu bedienen. Icon Easy to use. The VR Speech Trainer is easy to use.

Easy to use

With user-friendly standalone VR headsets, you can get started effortlessly, without requiring previous technical knowledge. Immerse yourself in an intuitive learning environment and improve your communication skills in a fun way.

Icon Schwierigkeit anpassen. Die Schwierigkeit des Präsentationstrainings lässt sich einfach anpassen. Adjust difficulty icon. The difficulty of the presentation training can be easily adjusted.

Difficulty Levels

The VR Speech Trainer offers different levels of difficulty, and lecture situations. By simulating various audiences in a safe environment, you can practice and refine your speaking abilities while learning to successfully manage interruptions

Proven. By Science.

Icon Wissenschaftliche Begleitung. Das Präsentationstraining und die Tutorials des VR Speech Trainers basieren auf wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen. Icon Scientific support. The presentation training and tutorials of the VR Speech Trainer are based on scientific findings.

Scientific monitoring

Benefit from the scientific support of the VR Speech Trainer platform, which offers scientifically sound content and helpful tutorials designed to enhance your presentation skills. This platform enables you to successfully apply what you have learned in practice.

Our Vision

We set the benchmark in virtual soft skills training.*

Progressive. Strong Performance.

Icon plattform. Auf der Plattform des VR Speech Trainers können Statistiken zum Präsentationstraining eingesehen werden. Icon platform. Statistics on presentation training can be viewed on the VR Speech Trainer platform.


All training activities are founded on trend analysis and statistics. Our platform enables users to access and review all training data, allowing them to pinpoint the specific areas they should focus their efforts on.

Icon Künstliche Intelligenz. Der VR Speech Trainer nutzt ein KI-basiertes Feedbacksystem für das Verbessern der Präsentationsfähigkeiten. Icon Artificial Intelligence. The VR Speech Trainer uses an AI-based feedback system to improve presentation skills.

Artificial intelligence

The VR Speech Trainer utilizes artificial intelligence* to provide personalized feedback, which aids in the targeted improvement of your speaking and presentation performance.

Icon Szenarien. User können zwischen verschiedenen Trainingsszenarien wählen, um ihre Präsentationsfähigkeiten zu verbessern. Icon scenarios. Users can choose between different training scenarios to improve their presentation skills.


The VR Speech Trainer provides a diverse range of lecture scenarios to suit various training situations. Additionally, you have the option to select either a realistic simulation or gamified real-time feedback.

Security. At the highest level.

Icon Datenverarbeitung. Die Daten unserer User sind sicher. Icon Data processing. Our users' data is safe.

Data processing

The VR Speech Trainer utilizes the latest cloud architecture, ensuring secure and reliable performance. All personal data is processed in an ISO 27001 certified German data center, adhering to the regulations set forth by the GDPR. The cloud architecture has undergone penetration testing (PEN-testing) and meets the highest IT security standards.

The Power of Public Speaking

Unleash your potential and gain important soft skills for effective communication and leadership.*.

VR Speech Trainer. Wins three awards in one year.

Partner & Customers. Together in best environment.

Your path to strong communication

“Now, you can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills-public speaking.” – Warren Buffett *

Information. and support.

Glossary. Because knowledge is key.

Allows for seamless interaction with both physical and virtual objects, where the boundaries between the real world and digital elements merge even more extensively than in augmented reality. For further reference, you may also explore the concepts of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Extended Reality.

(Ger. Virtual Reality) refers to the process of gradually fading out the user’s perception of the real environment, allowing for an immersive experience in digital worlds. Through VR, users can become fully immersed in a 360° artificial world, with the ability to move around and interact within it.

Refers to the fundamental reason for an entity’s existence that goes beyond solely pursuing profit. It represents what the entity stands for and the purpose it serves—a sort of “business mission.

A vision represents an ambitious and often daring idea of the future role that a company envisions for itself—a long-term “picture of the future” that is crafted for the distant future, despite the inherent risks involved.

The utilization of game-like elements, such as challenging problems to be solved within a limited time frame, increasing levels of difficulty, immediate feedback following small learning achievements, and ranking lists featuring high scores and awards. Gamification elements are designed to evoke emotions, trigger curiosity, and ignite ambition.

(ger. Künstliche Intelligenz, Ki) Computer-based systems with human-like intelligence refer to systems that possess the capability to learn autonomously and tackle intricate problems. Currently, these systems primarily rely on rule-based approaches and are limited to optimizing specialized tasks such as information extraction, pattern recognition, and natural language processing. However, the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is yet to be fully realized.

Non-technical skills refer to the abilities and behaviors that foster interpersonal communication, collaboration, leadership, and problem-solving. These skills are crucial for achieving success in both personal and professional contexts.

Immersion in virtual reality refers to the phenomenon where users perceive a virtual environment as real, becoming fully engrossed in the experience and being potentially distracted by illusory stimuli.

Communication encompasses the process of exchanging information, ideas, and emotions between individuals or groups. This process involves the use of verbal and nonverbal methods, such as language, gestures, facial expressions, and writing, to convey and comprehend messages. Communication facilitates the transfer of knowledge, the sharing of experiences, and the establishment of social connections.

An index of technical terms, along with precise definitions, is provided to assist readers in understanding specific terminology.

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