Master the art of communication with the VR Speech Trainer

Develop stress-free communication and public speaking skills for your success in the competitive world. Get your message across clearly and persuasively, whether in a team or in front of customers.

Features & Benefits*

Features. Get better through training.

Icon Timing. User können ihr Timing im Präsentationstraining mit dem VR Speech Trainer verbessern. Icon Timing. Users can improve their timing in presentation training with the VR Speech Trainer.


Optimize the timing of your speech to capture and hold the audience's attention. VR Speech Trainer helps you find the right pace for your presentation and make your talk engaging and lively.

Icon Füllwörter. Mit dem KI-basierten Feedback kann das Benutzen von Füllwörtern minimiert werden. Icon Filler words. With AI-based feedback, the use of filler words can be minimised.

Filler Words

Avoid filler words* to strengthen the clarity of your message. VR Speech Trainer helps you identify these words and phrases to eliminate them from your vocabulary.

Icon Augenkontakt. Mit dem VR Speech Trainer lernen User Augenkontakt zu ihrem Publikum zu halten. Eye contact icon. With the VR Speech Trainer, users learn to maintain eye contact with their audience.

Eye Contact

Strengthen your connection with the audience through effective eye contact. VR Speech Trainer gives you real-time feedback so your audience perceives your speech as engaging and impactful.

Icon Transskript. Der VR Speech Trainer erstellt ein Transskript und markiert, wo Sie Ihre Rede verbessern können. Icon Transcript. The VR Speech Trainer creates a transcript and marks where you can improve your speech.


Keep track of your presentation with real-time transcriptions*. VR Speech Trainer creates flow texts of your speech and marks used filler words to help you improve your presentation.


Icon Position. Der VR Speech Trainer hilft bei der Positionierung im Raum. Icon Position. The VR Speech Trainer helps with positioning in space.


Optimize your positioning in the room for better impact on the audience and to support your message. The VR Speech Trainer helps you to position yourself ideally in the room.

Upload your own presentations?

No problem: train the free speech with your own presentation to be even better prepared for your talk.* .

Benefits. Soft skills just like that.

Icon Das perfekte Werkzeug. Mit dem VR Speech Trainer können Sie ihre Kommunikationsfähigkeiten ausbauen. Icon The perfect tool. With the VR Speech Trainer you can develop your communication skills.

The perfect tool

The VR Speech Trainer is a new tool that can be used by anyone who wants to improve their communication skills. No matter whether in studies, in business or on the public stage, the VR Speech Trainer can help you be better prepared for what lies ahead!

The VR Speech Trainer Platform

The VR Speech Trainer platform is the heart of virtual soft skills training.

Prepared. The way to the goal.

Icon Persönliche Erfolge. Feiern Sie Erfolge mit dem VR Speech Trainer. Personal achievements icon. Celebrate successes with the VR Speech Trainer.

Personal success

The platform includes everything you need for your personal learning success. Tutorials, videos, reporting, analytics, history, and more. In order to remain relevant in the future, we are constantly developing our trainer.

Immersion through realistic environment

Interacting in a photorealistic virtual world with facial and body animations* gives you a realistic feeling that allows you to put what you have learned into practice.

Immersion. The reality effect.

Glossary. Because knowledge is key.

Features (characteristic/property) refer to specific properties or functions of a product, service or technology. They describe what the product or service can do or what features it has. Features are used to illustrate the functionality or value of a product.

Benefits, on the other hand, refer to the positive impact or added value that a product, service, or technology provides to the user. They describe what specific benefits or improvements the customer will receive as a result of using them. Benefits focus on the practical or emotional aspects of utility that motivate the customer to choose the product or use the service.

Avatars are virtual representations of people used in virtual worlds. It is a kind of virtual character or person that is controlled by the user and is able to interact with other avatars or the digital environment. Typically, users can customize and personalize their avatar by choosing appearance, clothing, and behavior.

Animation refers to the creation of moving images or visual effects that result from a sequential display of images or frames. They are used to tell visual stories, illustrate concepts or bring virtual worlds to life. Animations can be used in various media such as movies, video games or advertising.

A non-judgmental feedback. An information about what the recipient has understood (matter level) or experienced (person level). Can be praise and recognition or constructive criticism.

A transcript is a written record or reproduction of spoken material, such as a speech, interview, or conversation. It is used to record the content of what is said in written form and allows for more detailed analysis or referencing. Transcripts can also be used in accessible communication to help deaf or hard of hearing people access auditory content.

Upload and download refer to the transfer of data between computers or other devices over a network, usually the Internet. Upload transfers data from a local device to a remote server or other destination. Download, on the other hand, transfers data from the remote server or destination to the local device. These terms are often used to describe uploading and downloading files, such as documents, images, or videos.

Filler words are words or phrases used in a language to fill pauses in speech or to maintain the flow of speech without making a concrete contribution to the content. They often serve to facilitate communication or perform social functions such as politeness, signaling approval, or gaining time for reflection. Examples of filler words are “um,” “so,” “sort of,” or “you know.”

An index of technical terms, along with precise definitions, is provided to assist readers in understanding specific terminology.

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