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acronym for Advertising.

An electronic account in which the user’s data is stored.

A subscription is an abbreviation for subscription and refers to an agreement between a customer and a provider in which the customer pays periodically for access to certain products or services. Typically, subscriptions are offered for digital content such as streaming music, streaming video, magazines or software. A subscription usually gives the customer ongoing access to the desired content or services.


acronym for Business-to-Business.

Acronym for Business-to-Consumer.


A “canvas”. Can be many things, from the video window in the film editing program to the visualization of business models (Business Model Canvas).

A conversation on the Internet. Mostly in writing.


This is not about the general technical protection of data (that is data security), but about the protection of specifically personal data.

The protection of analog and digital data from loss and from misuse by unauthorized users or cyberattacks.


“doing something right” it means developing a process with the optimal balance between effort and benefit, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Only the alternative makes the decision a decision. Assumes that no decision could be made so far, every decision calls itself a decision.


A non-judgmental feedback. An information about what the recipient has understood (matter level) or experienced (person level). Can be praise and recognition or constructive criticism.

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, which entails a compilation of commonly raised inquiries and their corresponding answers regarding a specific topic. A FAQ list serves the purpose of addressing frequently asked questions from users or customers in advance and providing them with relevant information. It enables quick and easy orientation and offers support for common concerns.


The utilization of game-like elements, such as challenging problems to be solved within a limited time frame, increasing levels of difficulty, immediate feedback following small learning achievements, and ranking lists featuring high scores and awards. Gamification elements are designed to evoke emotions, trigger curiosity, and ignite ambition.

An index of technical terms, along with precise definitions, is provided to assist readers in understanding specific terminology.


The expansion of human possibilities and the enhancement of human performance can be achieved through the utilization of agents, tools, body parts, or technologies.


Immersion in virtual reality refers to the phenomenon where users perceive a virtual environment as real, becoming fully engrossed in the experience and being potentially distracted by illusory stimuli.


An essential element of Lean Management “ensuring that the correct part is available in the appropriate quality, at the right time, in the right quantity, and in the right place.”


Communication encompasses the process of exchanging information, ideas, and emotions between individuals or groups. This process involves the use of verbal and nonverbal methods, such as language, gestures, facial expressions, and writing, to convey and comprehend messages. Communication facilitates the transfer of knowledge, the sharing of experiences, and the establishment of social connections.

(ger. Künstliche Intelligenz, Ki) Computer-based systems with human-like intelligence refer to systems that possess the capability to learn autonomously and tackle intricate problems. Currently, these systems primarily rely on rule-based approaches and are limited to optimizing specialized tasks such as information extraction, pattern recognition, and natural language processing. However, the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is yet to be fully realized.


A license is a legal agreement that grants an individual or company the rights to acquire or use specific intellectual property, such as software, music, images, or text. When obtaining a license, the licensee is granted permission to use the protected material, subject to certain conditions, while the licensor maintains control over its use. Licenses may include various restrictions or conditions, such as the duration of use, the number of users, or the permitted purposes of use.


Allows for seamless interaction with both physical and virtual objects, where the boundaries between the real world and digital elements merge even more extensively than in augmented reality. For further reference, you may also explore the concepts of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Extended Reality.

Refers to the fundamental reason for an entity’s existence that goes beyond solely pursuing profit. It represents what the entity stands for and the purpose it serves—a sort of “business mission.

Meta (formerly Facebook) is a company that develops advanced VR headsets. Their devices feature innovative technologies such as eye tracking and gesture control. Meta-headsets are known for their high immersion and are often used in areas such as gaming, design and research.


(ger. Neurales Netz) IT system whose structure is based on the human brain, consists of artificial neurons or nodes, and endows computers with artificial intelligence characteristics.


The opposite of online.

Used to stand for “on the line”. Means today to be connected to the Internet or a computer network.


A platform refers to a digital infrastructure or service that enables users to share, consume, or interact with content. It typically offers a centralized hub where users can register, upload content, communicate with others, and access a range of services or features. Social networks, video streaming services, and the VR Speech Trainer platform are examples of such platforms.

Pico is a company that offers VR headsets for various applications. Their products are known for their compactness and ease of use. Pico headsets are often used in entertainment, education and professional applications.


According to ISO (International Organization for Standardization), “quality” is defined as the complete set of characteristics of an entity that determine its ability to meet specified and anticipated requirements. Ultimately, the evaluation of quality is determined by the extent to which customer requirements are fulfilled. This measurement relies solely on the assessment of the customer, even if they are not a technical expert. Consequently, their judgment may not always be objective but rather influenced by subjective factors.

“Quest” commonly refers to the act of searching for something or pursuing a specific goal. It can also imply a sense of adventure or exploration.

The Meta Quest, developed by Meta, is a standalone VR headset. With its wireless freedom, convenient controllers, and diverse range of VR experiences, it allows users to fully immerse themselves in virtual worlds, engage in gaming activities, and enjoy video content. The Meta Quest has gained popularity as a sought-after product that provides accessible VR experiences, catering to both VR enthusiasts and casual users.


The relationship of a result to a selected influencing factor. Important key figures for companies: Return on investment (ROI), return on equity or return on sales.


Non-technical skills refer to the abilities and behaviors that foster interpersonal communication, collaboration, leadership, and problem-solving. These skills are crucial for achieving success in both personal and professional contexts.

SideQuest is a platform that allows VR enthusiasts to discover, download, and manage content for various VR headsets. It is an independent platform developed by the VR community that offers a variety of games, apps, and extensions for VR headsets. SideQuest allows developers to make their content easily accessible, including content that may not be available in the official store of the respective VR platform. Users can use SideQuest to discover and download additional content for their VR experiences.


A social group that wants to solve a defined task together and manages to actually use the performance potential of a collaboration. Otherwise, it remains a group and the “powerful team” a wishful thinking.


An entity that provides a service for the needs of others and receives a service in return. Exists only through the continuation of actions, decisions, expectations of people.


(Ger. Virtual Reality) refers to the process of gradually fading out the user’s perception of the real environment, allowing for an immersive experience in digital worlds. Lets users fully immerse themselves in a 360° artificial world, they can move around in it and interact with it.

A vision represents an ambitious and often daring idea of the future role that a company envisions for itself—a long-term “picture of the future” that is crafted for the distant future, despite the inherent risks involved.

A VR (virtual reality) headset is a special type of headset used to enable virtual reality experiences. It is a device that has glasses or a similar display and provides the user with an immersive visual experience in a virtual environment. VR headsets are often used in conjunction with appropriate hardware and software to enjoy games, simulations, movies, and other VR content.

Vive is a brand from HTC, which is known for its high-quality VR headsets and accessories. The Vive product line offers a wide range of virtual reality experiences, including gaming, entertainment and professional applications. The Vive headsets stand out for their precision, tracking capabilities, and comfort.


An incomplete model of reality.


A term that encompasses various immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).


A rotational movement around the vertical axis within a virtual environment. Yaw allows the user to change his viewing angle horizontally.


A specific area or room designated for virtual reality use. It may be a dedicated room with tracking systems or a demarcated area where VR experiences can be safely conducted.

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